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End-Stage Renal Disease and Renal Replacement Therapy in older Patients

Andrew Smyth 1 , 2 , 3 , *
Author Information
1 Department of Nephrology, Galway University hospitals, Galway, Ireland
2 Department of Medicine, National University of Ireland Galway, Galway, Ireland
3 HRB Clinical Research Facility, National University of Ireland Galway, Galway, Ireland
Article information
  • Nephro-Urology Monthly: March 01, 2012, 4 (2); 425-430
  • Published Online: March 1, 2012
  • Article Type: Review Article
  • Received: July 3, 2011
  • Revised: July 15, 2011
  • Accepted: July 20, 2011
  • DOI: 10.5812/numonthly.1825

To Cite: Smyth A. End-Stage Renal Disease and Renal Replacement Therapy in older Patients, Nephro-Urol Mon. 2012 ; 4(2):425-430. doi: 10.5812/numonthly.1825.

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1. Introduction
2. Review Questions
3. Review Methods
4. Appropriateness of RRT
5. Which RRT Modality Is Best?
6. Why PD Is Underutilized in Older Patients
7. Assisted PD
8. Complications
9. Quality of Life
10. Conclusion
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