Incidental Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) with Endometrial Cancer: A Case Report


Anju Rani Hajari 1 , Jagdeesh Narhar Kulkarni 2 , *

1 Senior Divisional Medical officer, Dr. B. A. M. Hospital, Mumbai, India

2 Prof of Genito Urinary & Gynec Oncology Asian Institute of Oncology,, India

How to Cite: Hajari A, Kulkarni J. Incidental Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) with Endometrial Cancer: A Case Report, Nephro-Urol Mon. Online ahead of Print ; 2(3):468-489.


Nephro-Urology Monthly: 2 (3); 468-489
Article Type: Case Report
Received: May 10, 2009
Accepted: June 3, 2009




Incidental detection of two primaries call for oncosurgeon's own judgment to decide the best therapeutic approach as no guidelines exist given the rarity of condition.

This is the sixth reported case of incidental renal cell cancer in a patient of endometrial cancer. Renal cell cancer was detected on preoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging in a patient who presented as postmenopausal bleeding and histology proven endometrial carcinoma. Both primaries were simultaneously treated surgically. Final histology confirmed dual primaries with uterine primary being endometrioid adenocarcinoma stage Ic, estrogen progesterone receptor positive; where as renal primary was clear cell carcinoma stage Ib, estrogen and progesterone receptor negative.

Estrogen receptors have been identified in Hamster and mouse kidneys as well as in renal cell carcinoma tissues. High plasma estrogen found in some patients of synchronous renal and endometrial cancer may partly explain the association of these two primaries, though not in all cases. Increased serum leptin levels and a common low penetrance susceptibility gene have been reported in both these cancers.


RCC, EndometrialCancer, Estrogen Receptors

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